Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Going Back Again to My Hometown

I am on my way to the Philippines on a much needed vacation.  I am taking off from Abu Dhabi on Thursday morning, 28 Oct.  I will be back on 8 Nov.  I will meet up with four siblings who are visiting from Seattle, and another who has moved back and now lives in the Philippines.  Most importantly, I am visiting my father.  Although I saw him earlier this year in Seattle, it is always nice to see him again.

So, on to the town of Cuyapo and its barangay of Tagtagumbao, in the province of Nueva Ecija, where I was born and a place that holds countless special memories from my childhood.  The area has experienced heavy rain and typhoon-type weather recently.  I am hoping it has eased a bit.  I don't mind the rain so much after 7+ months of heat here in Abu Dhabi.

I will keep you guys updated with blog post and photos after I get back.  I am not bringing my laptop.  I probably will not have that much chance to update while I am over there anyway.  Happy Birthday wishes to the many family members celebrating birthdays in Oct and Nov.  Best of birthday wishes to the two youngest in the family:  Siena who turned two last weekend, and Jayan who turns two this upcoming weekend.

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