Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It is early October.  My internal system thinks it should be Autumn -- expecting a few gray days and cool weather.  Autumn has always been my favorite season.  I always welcome the coming of autumn during my time in Seattle, Portland, and Wiesbaden -- all three locations with very similar weather conditions.  Although the temperature has cooled a bit and the humidity has decreased considerably in Abu Dhabi, the temperature still reaches 100+ degrees F during mid-day.  It certainly is not even close to autumnal conditions.

Autumn time, in the US, is when schools open and it is also when football season begins.  I enjoy my dose of college and pro football games during this time.  The interest has lost a bit of luster since I have been overseas, but I still watch a few of these games.  I don't have AFN reception in Abu Dhabi, but a few of the sports channels provide a few college and pro football telecasts.  I was able to watch two Seahawks games so far.  I haven't seen the Huskies yet.  It would have been great to watch that USC upset.  But it isn't the same, especially when watching these games very early in the morning.

I have been fortunate to visit New England, on work related trips, during peak time when the leaves are changing colors.  The scenery is always spectacular to see.  This was way before I started carrying camera wherever I went.  So, I have no photos to share of these visits.  I do have the following autumn scene photos to share:

The first three photos are from Berlin back in November 2007.

Here are a few more autumn themed store displays from Munich taken in October 2009.

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  1. There is no Autumn in the Philippines and falling leaves only occur during strong winds. There is no snow either which means there is no Winter weather. Having spent 26 autumns and winters of my life in Seattle (with NBA & NFL)I missed the loneliness of being stuck in barrio Tagtagumbao with no radio or TV during the moonsoon rains.