Thursday, October 7, 2010


Cameron is a great-niece, daughter of Sonya (my niece) and Steve.  They are my neighbor in Seattle's Beacon Hill area.  Since a sister, who is Cameron's grandma, is staying at my place, I get to see her quite a bit during my visits back to Seattle.  Cameron is a social butterfly, very talkative and inquisitive, unlike either of her parents.  She will definitely butt in anytime I am talking to Payton or Gavin.

I will never forget her birth date because she was born a day before I was given a surprise 40th birthday party in 2004.  Cameron reminds me so much of her mom who was just a baby on our arrival to the US many moons ago.

Picture below is Cameron with Salia and Ina at Grace and Jason's wedding in September 2009.

Picture below is from a family (mostly distant Antonio relatives) reunion in Yakima in July 2005.

Picture below is on my front deck in Seattle when I spent the entire day with her, her brother Payton, and her cousins Gavin and Jeremiah in June 2008.

Picture of Cameron cheering is from the 2008 family camping in Nehalem Bay, Oregon.

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