Saturday, October 9, 2010

Al Ain

Al Ain is located in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, about 75 miles south of the city of Abu Dhabi.  It is adjacent to the border with Oman.  Al Ain is also known as the Garden City because of all the greenery right smack in the middle of the desert.  Al Ain has seven oases.  They are known for the underground irrigation system which brings water from boreholes to the palm trees.  The photos above and the next two photos are from the Al Ain oasis, the largest of the seven oases in the city.

One of the entrances to the Al Ain oasis.

Al Ain Palace Museum.  My visits to Al Ain have been on Fridays.  The museum does not open until late in the afternoon of Fridays.  So, I've not had a chance to visit the inside of the museum.

City park near Al Jahili Fort.

Al Ain Mall.

And lastly, the road sign as you leave Al Ain.

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