Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bamberg Beer Walking Tour

Bamberg, Germany is a small city in the Bavaria region.  There are American military facilities in the area.  And because of this, I have been there several times for project related visits.  I had been there also on personal visits.  On the way back from Munich's Oktoberfest to Wiesbaden, we had stopped there for lunch.   One other personal visit was back in April 2008.  A friend and I spent the weekend to sample the variety of beers brewed in Bamberg.

We left Wiesbaden early in the morning.  We arrived before lunch.  We found a parking spot in front of our hotel, checked in, and shortly started our walking beer tour of the city.  The Bamberg tourist office offers a deal for about 20 Euro, you get a small backpack, a city map, coasters from the city's breweries, a souvenir ceramic beer mug, and coupons for free samples of beer from the breweries around the city.  If I remember correctly, we managed to do 8 out of the 9.  The one we did not hit was further away and you had to take the bus to reach it.

Below are a few pictures from that walking tour which started around noon and did not end until late in the evening.  In between, we had lunch at one of the bar/brewery location and dinner at another location.

Looks like I have had one too many on the photo below.

My friend, the beer connoisseur, who planned the visit and provided the ride to Bamberg by driving his wide-assed Toyota Tacoma truck.

But it was not all about the beer.  Since we were doing a walking tour, in between going from one brewery bar/restaurant to another we were able to see the sights of the city.

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