Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back in Abu Dhabi

I got back to Abu Dhabi this past Monday morning from a 10 day visit of Cuyapo, Philippines.  As always, visiting the Philippines was a nice break.  It is always nice to see family, relatives, and friends.  My back was giving me fits -- there were some days that I did not feel well because of this.  Relief for the back pain was always on the ready.  My sister has a maid that provided much needed back massages during my stay in the Philippines.

Just to test the waters, I had put in for a position with the Corps of Engineers' Seattle District.  I had just updated my resume.  I saw the Seattle position advertised and decided to gauge my marketability.  I was interviewed a few days prior to my departure for the visit to the Philippines.  The interview was via my cell phone.  I did not think the interview went well.  When I returned to work on Tuesday, I had an e-mail from the Seattle District office that they wanted to talk to me concerning the position.  I called them later that evening (morning time Seattle), and they were giving me a tentative offer for a job in Seattle.  The HR rep who had my file was not yet in the office.  She will call me back for further details.

What's next?  I will probably spend the next 2 weeks in Abu Dhabi.  Then proceed to Germany for more R&R for about a week before I go back to the US to have my back looked at.  My supervisor had already approved medical leave for me. I will need to return to Abu Dhabi by the beginning of the new year. 

I will have to think hard about what I really want to do next.  It will be six years this coming February that I have been away from Seattle.  I should not pass up this great opportunity, especially returning to Seattle.  I do not have return rights to a position back in the States.  But as a current employee with the US Army Corps of Engineers, I should be able to apply competitively for engineering and PM positions at the many offices of the Corps throughout the US.  I should be able to find a position back in the States easily, but not necessarily in Seattle.

I have been in Abu Dhabi for eight months.  I really haven't had too many complaints about my job here.  The benefits are excellent.  Like I said before, I was not really looking into leaving Abu Dhabi yet.  It will be a tough decision, but I have a few months to mull it over.

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  1. I'm headed to Morocco this Sunday for a few days, let me know when you'll be in Wiesbaden. I've got two weeks off in Nov (Thanksgiving and the one after). Sorry to hear about your back. Email your buddy Friedt, he asked about you the other day.