Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Side to Side Cha-Cha

Cha-cha is a type of dance where one of the partner is either going forward or backward, while the other partner follows in the opposite direction, all in a synchronized, in step choreography.  I would like to show you an example of this.  But instead, I will show you how it should not be done -- dancing in a side to side manner.

The video features my brother, one of the birthday celebrant at this party in Cuyapo, dancing with a neighbor from our barangay.  The other birthday celebrant, also a brother, is shown later in the video dancing with another neighbor from Tagtagumbao, who I used to play with when I was little kid.  Near the end of the video is Rena and Sarah's parents, from Seattle area, but they happened to be visiting in the Philippines.

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