Thursday, November 18, 2010

CUSA 2010 Program Ad

Early this past summer, my nephew Jojie was soliciting ads for the program (publication handouts) to be distributed during an upcoming Cuyapo-US Association (CUSA), Seattle Chapter, annual dinner-dance.  Jojie is currently the president of the organization.  Ideas from family members ensued that the Antonio family secure the two-page “centerfold” portion for a family greeting.  I am usually not a big fan of ads such as these in program publications.  In this case, I went with it just to showcase the younger members of the family.  Also, it was a great way to help the cause of the CUSA organization.

The finished product for the ad, designed by Ron, is shown below.  It has a picture of my parents dancing, a picture of all eight of their children, a picture of all the grandchildren, and a picture of all the great-grandkids.  All five photos have been separately featured on this blog before.  Unfortunately, none of the in-laws were included.  Click on the image to enlarge the picture.

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