Thursday, November 18, 2010

Uncle Anks' Street Corner

My uncle Anks (see past posting about him) in Cuyapo has a favorite hangout, a street corner concrete bench not too far from his house.  When I am walking around town or passing by in a vehicle, I see him there smoking by himself or talking to friends.  A few years back on a past visit to Cuyapo, I went to check out the night activities at the town fiesta.  I got bored so I walked back to my aunt's house on my own.  As I was approaching my uncle's corner, all I could see was a faint ember in the dark.  It was hard to see or recognize anyone.  As I pass by, I hear a greeting:  "Kumusta ngay nakong" or "How are you my little one."  Initially, I was taken aback and a bit startled, not expecting to hear anything.  The voice became familiar -- yes, it was my uncle hanging out at his favorite place.  The faint ember was from his cigarette.  Yes, even in my mid-30's at that time, he still calls me "little one"; I am at least twice his weight.

Uncle Anks with me and my brothers Edgie and Nemy.

Me and Uncle Anks sitting at his hangout.

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