Friday, September 24, 2010

Yas Marina Hotel

Yas Island is located right outside Abu Dhabi.  It started to host a Formula One Grand Prix event.  Most of the island is still being developed with many ongoing construction.  Several theme parks are planned.  It will soon open Ferrari World, a Ferrari-themed park.  Many hotels and malls are also under construction.  There are already a few hotels opened.  One of them is Yas Marinal Hotel.

The Yas Marina Hotel is located within the F1 race circuit.  The main feature of the facility is the myriad of curvilinear glass and steel grids covering most of the outer shell of the building.  This grid system creates a wonderful light display at night.

The pictures shown are obviously taken during the daytime, a very hot and humid day at that.  I did not stay for long because of the unbearable conditions.  I vowed to return during night time to take pictures of the magnificent light display.  I went 3 weeks ago.  The hotel is easily visible from the highway.  But the drive to the island is circuitous.  And as I stated earlier, most the island is still under construction.  I drove around for almost half hour before I saw the hotel, but it was still quite a distance away.  I went around and around some more until I finally gave up.

I will give it another go one of these days to show you how the building looks at night.

Inside the main floor, just past the lobby.

 Inside one of the hotel elevators.

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