Saturday, September 25, 2010

Edward & Grace with Inna

I received the picture below from Ron, via e-mail, a couple of years back.  It was during the time that Ron had spare time to scan old family photos.  I would like to start scanning old photos to have a bit more permanent record of them as they start to degrade in quality.  Maybe I will start bringing photos back with me after my Seattle visits, at least to start scanning old photos.

Anyway, the picture is of Edward, Grace, and Inna all dressed in their sleepwear.  I like this picture because of the expression of delight on Edward's face.  I am not sure if it is just the excitement of getting his picture taken.  His two fists are both in a closed position, one clutching goodies in a ziploc bag, almost like something exciting is about to happen.  Inna and Edward are in on something.  Grace, meanwhile, looks casual and indifferent.  The picture is taken in the kitchen of the old, family house.


  1. When Jason and I moved into our condo, I was asking my mom for a wood carved "Last supper" for our dining room.

    I couldn't remember where I've seen one before until I saw this picture, but this was what I was hoping to get. We ended up getting something different, which is fine.

    I wonder what's on the Polaroid I'm holding.

  2. Grace, I did not even notice the polaroid you are holding. I do like the "non expression" on your face, while Inna & Edward show their excitement.