Monday, September 6, 2010

Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai

Three weeks ago, on a Friday visit to Dubai, I stopped by Ibn Battuta Mall. It is one of the many super malls in Dubai. It is named after a Moroccan scholar and traveler from the 1300's. The mall has six courts named after regions that Ibn Battuta traveled: China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia, and Andalusia. The design, decor, and motif at each of these courts are based on the region it represents.

I am not sure how these malls in Dubai generate revenue. There are probably about 15 Dubai super malls, and countless other smaller ones. The super malls are either newly built or newly renovated/refurbished. So lots of money invested in these facilities to attract visitors. They are all competing for foot traffic. The ones that I have been to are fairly crowded. But I bet most of the people are there to cool down from the oppressive heat and humidity outside, not to shop. The malls here are almost like community centers or meeting places. The food courts are usually fairly busy. I am not sure if the stores are making money, especially during this prolonged world-wide economic downturn.

As far as Ibn Battuta Mall, it has a fairly impressive decor inside. Is not at one of Dubai's "choice" locations and it still is quite a distance from the city center. One advantage it has is that the mall is located near a stop on Dubai's elevated rail line, Metro. The following are photos from a few of the courts:

China Court:

India Court:

Persia Court:

Egypt Court:

Andalusia Court:

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  1. I wouldn't shoplift in Ibn Battuta Mall. I shudder to think of the consequences. Public flogging with a small battuta even.