Wednesday, September 8, 2010


There are two incidents that worried me quite a bit about Ina when she was a baby. The first time was at our annual family camping event held at Sun Lakes during the summer of 2001. Our first night camping, the entire night she would not stop crying. I also did not sleep that night because I was worried about her. I even recommended to her parents that they should take her to the nearest hospital. The second incident was in Sep 2001 during the housewarming party for my newly built house. Again, she would not stop crying after arriving at the party, after a long drive from their Poulsbo home. They left shortly thereafter.

Ina's colicky days are behind her. She is the youngest amongst the host of nieces and nephews of mine. She is named after her paternal grandmother, Inna, -- my mother. I've missed most of her growing years since I have been overseas for the last 5 1/2 years. But I see her during every visit back to Seattle because her parents are persistent in stopping by to see me although they live the farthest away.

The top picture was taken Sep '09 during Grace & Jason's wedding. The picture below is from May '09 during Kimberly's birthday party.

From her eyes and her facial expression, you can sense Ina's excitement being with Mickey. Her older sister, Jessica, is with her. The photo was taken Jul 2007.

Ina with her father, Mng. Joey -- my brother. The photo is from Oct 2004.


  1. Even though Ina is the youngest among the lady cousins, I'm certain she has more make-up kits than her manang Jessica and I'm guessing she possesses a stockpile of make-up paraphernalia as extensive as Janice's!

  2. We use to tease Jessica, Ina's older sister, that anyone giving her make up and other related items as gift to her would get in trouble with her dad. When asked what she wanted for her b-day or Christmas, Jessica would always request beauty products. She wanted lipstick - her term for nail polish, for her nails.