Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday, 27 Sep 2010, was the day that my friends in Germany were enjoying the merriment of Oktoberfest in Munich. I had planned to join them. Up until two weeks ago, I had every intention of going. The plan hit a snag. My work customer, the US Air Force, did not receive funding in time for the projects they wanted awarded prior to fiscal year end (30 Sep). I had these projects already negotiated and ready for award in early September. Alas, the funding is not yet there and the possibility is there between now and 30 September that the USAF can scrounge up the funding to be able to award the projects. I have to be there if and when that happens.

So no Oktoberfest for me this year, breaking my three consecutive years of attendance. To my friends in Germany, I apologize for not making it this year. To be there in spirit with them, I went down to the hotel bar where I live and had a big, fat juicy chesseburger with two bottles of Hofbräu.  No, it is note quite the multiple maß of beer consumed while inside one of the tent nor the atmosphere of being inside one. But for being in Abu Dhabi, it will have to do.

I will miss singing (or more aptly, butchering) "Ein Prosit" with the whole crowd every 10 minutes (and the countless other songs played throughout); the bevy of Bavarian beauties dressed in revealing dirndls; the sights, sounds, and taste of the carnival in Theresienwiese; stealthily attempting to stash a collection of maß steins (1L beer mugs) as souvenirs; the camaraderie among a group of friends; and leading the group back to the train station and onward to a hotel outside Munich.

Sadly, the place to beer this Oktoberfest for me is Cooper's Bar, eight floor below where I live in Abu Dhabi.

Inside the Hofbräu fest tent during the 2007 Oktoberfest.

Inside the Hippodrom fest tent in 2007.

Inside the Hofbräu tent in 2008.

The carnival rides.

Inside the Hippodrom fest tent in 2009.

A handful of beer.

Inside the Hofbräu tent in 2009.

After a full day, we head back to the hotel.

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