Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Fourth of July T-Shirt

Happy Fourth of July!!!

I have a t-shirt that I have owned for about 10 years. It was cheap, so I purchased it. It has a medium-sized "USA" printed on the front, and a medium-sized "July" and a large "4" on the back. The "4" shows up almost like a number on a uniform. There is a small American flag on the left hand sleeve. As you can surmise, it is meant to be worn during the 4th of July. The print on the shirt is fading now, not because of wear but because of age. I wear it once a year, wash it, and store it away for the next year. I think it has a few more years before I use it as a cleaning rag.

I have worn this shirt on 4th of July for the past ten years, mostly in Seattle, but also in other locales around the world. It was worn in Venice, Italy during a three week backpacking tour of Europe in 2002. It made it to Freiburg, Germany during the Fourth of July weekend trip to the Alsace region of France and Germany in 2008. It was worn in Sun Lakes State Park during a camping weekend in Eastern Washington in early 2000's. It was in 25 Mile Creek campground last year during the annual family camping event in Lake Chelan. And now, I am wearing it for the Fourth of July in Abu Dhabi.

In Venice, 2002.

In Freiburg, 2008.

Today, an American holiday, is a workday for me, although it is counted as OT hours work on a holiday -- meaning double rate. To get in the holiday mood, I decided to wear shorts and the t-shirt to work. It is not appropriate for work, especially when overseeing construction projects. But what the heck, it's Fourth of July. The base has a few events scheduled, but no fireworks show. They will not start serving food at the bbq in the base until 5PM. I did not stick around. Instead, I went home at 3PM. And now, I am relaxing and surfing the 'net at the hotel lobby. So nothing really exciting for the Fourth for me this year.

My work "get-up" to get into the 4th of July mode in Abu Dhabi.

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