Friday, July 9, 2010

Home Confinement

This past Friday, a day off from work, I was confined in my apartment complex. I usually plan and do things outside the apartment, but I have been under the weather lately. It wasn't really too bad. I spent the morning at the coffee shop at the hotel lobby, I got a back and neck massage, and ordered in room service for lunch. It was nice to rest and just relax.

The neck discomfort is back. Similar to what I had experienced while visiting the Philippines and Seattle last year. I saw a doctor on Tuesday, and a neuro-specialist Wednesday. They were not able to find anything out of the ordinary. Vital signs, including blood pressure, were all ok. Saturday and Sunday, they ran a battery of tests on me -- MRI on the neck and brain, and various cardiogram tests. MRI results were normal. The cardiologist gave me a clean bill of health -- the results from all the cardio-related tests came back normal. So far, so good. This coming Wednesday, they will run an EEG.

I saw the specialist again on Sunday. He indicated to me what the doctors in the Philippines and Seattle have told me before -- strain of neck muscles. It pulsates a dull sensation on my neck, not really a painful feeling but more like an intense discomfort, to the point of getting lightheaded. The neck strain probably comes from all the time I spend on my laptop at home, all the hours in front of the computer at work, the amount of time I spend reading newspapers and books in an awkward position, the amount of time slouched on the sofa watching tv, and the bad positions I place my head when I sleep.

No worries. All is back to normal again. I am more mindful of my posture and to not have my neck in one position for a prolonged period. I run my neck to a stretching regimen on a regular basis throughout the day. This seems to help significantly.

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