Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Road and Other Signs

Since I am in this kick of showing road signs, here are a few more signs -- road or otherwise.

Nueva Ecija (New Ecija) is my home province in the Philippines. In Dec 2008, I saw the following road sign on our drive from Sevilla to Moron (pronounced Moe-rohn). Straight ahead is the direction to the town of Ecija. My guess is that my home province is named after this town in Spain. Ecija, one of the hottest part of Spain during summertime, is often referred to as the "frying pan of Andalusia."

You don't dare go past this road sign -- "deadly force authorized." Picture is from the Green Zone, Baghdad, Feb 2005.

And speaking of deadly force, the following is a sign inside Camp Butmir, just outside Sarajevo. "No weapons after 1800, 1700 on Sat, and 1400 on Sun. " Picture taken Jun 2007.

"Stay Off the Grass" declares the sign on a barren, gravelled strip of land in Baghdad, Mar 2005.

My favorite sign of all time, taken from a bar in Nimes, France, Nov 2008. Yes, "No Passing Gas" for courtesy to others.

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  1. Ah yes, those wild and wacky crazy French people!