Sunday, July 18, 2010

Disc-Shaped Building in Al Raha

On my first visit to Dubai back in May, I noticed a disc shaped building while driving along the freeway. It is located in Al Raha, next to the Al Raha Mall. Al Raha is located just outside of Abu Dhabi, along the highway to Dubai.

On the drive back from my second and third Dubai visits, I stopped by Al Raha Mall not so much to shop but to get a closer look at this building. The structure dominates the Al Raha area. The building will be the headquarters for Aldar, a real estate development company.

The structure is 23 stories tall with a diameter of 406 ft. It is 120 ft. wide at the midpoint and narrows to 80 ft as the building tapers towards the edges. Later this summer, the tenants will start occupying the building.

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