Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ed & Maria's Wedding

While visiting Seattle, I was able to attend Edward & Maria's wedding on the weekend after my arrival. Ed is my nephew. The weather was nice during the ceremony, but it soured a bit later that day during the reception. The wedding ceremony was wonderful. Everyone had a magnificent time at the reception. It was nice to see everyone enjoying a family celebration, especially after our tragic loss of a beloved family member last February.

The following are photos from this unforgettable day. I think I managed to include at least a photo of each and every family member, except for the ever elusive Jen. I could not even find her in the group photo inside the church.

Ed & Maria reciting their vows to each other.

The bride and groom praying at the altar.

The bride with her parents.

The groom's parents, Ate Lina & Mng. Edwin. The groom's father is my brother.

One set of sponsor Mng. Joey (my brother) and his wife, Mng. Marina.

Ron (a nephew) and Grace (a niece) doing their non-chalant walk as part of the wedding party procession.

Edwin Aldrin (a nephew) served as one of the groomsmen.

Jeremiah (a great nephew) sheepishly carried the bible as part of the wedding party procession.

CJ (a nephew) provided a couple of readings during the wedding mass.

Family members from the groom's side eagerly await the wedding procession.

Mng. Joey, Aldrin, CJ, Mng. Edwin, and Ron.

Me with Grace & Aldrin.

Mng. Joey with his daughters, Jessica and Ina.

Cameron, Sonya, and Ina.

With Neil.

Three generations - my oldest brother, Bong; his son, Ron; and his grandson, Jayan.

With Joyce, Janice, Arlene, and Mia.

Siena caught with her binky.

With my sister Evelyn.

With Kyle and Nathan.

At the reception with the bride and the groom.

The reception was at a hall by Lake Union, providing a nice setting.

The wedding reception decor at the hall.

Mek served as a co-emcee. (Sorry Mek, I only have your photo from a group pic.)

J-tyme, the dj, provided great music.

A special song was presented to the bride and groom with Neil on the guitar and Nikki singing.

Grace and Ron letting loose.

With Kris, Donna, and Jayan.

With Jojie, Mng. Nemy, Ate Ruby, and Mng. Eden.

With Kyle,

Ka Mario, Ate Linda, Ate Flor, Mng. Edwin, Jayan, and Mng. Bong

With Jun and Agnes.

Ed with Cameron and Salia.

Mng. Eden and Mng. Edgie.

Maria dancing with Uncle Bong.

Donna and Jayan.

Ed with Alvie and Siena.

With James, Kyle, Nathan, Jeremy, and Joseph.

Dancing with the bride, Maria.

Siena and Grandma Evelyn.

The inseparable brother and sister team of Ed and Grace.

With Jeremy, Gavin, and Payton.

Maria and James.

Kevin, Sarah, Marcio, Rena, and Glen.

Maria dancing with Jay and Siena.

With Jeremiah.

Ed with Janice.

With the cool crowd.

With my sister, Evelyn.

With Kirsten and Jerome.

Mng. Evelyn, Agnes, Mng. Marina, Suzette, and Ate Ruby.

Maria and Russ.

Family members.

With Grace.

Maria and CJ.

With Ate Lina and Ate Flor.

Ed with Ate Ruby.

Maria and Glen.

With Nikki.

Sonya, Steve, and Cameron.

With Mng. Marina and Mng. Joey.

With Aldrin.

Ed and Leah.

After group dance with the groom.

With Jayan.

Ed with Joyce.

Paige and Taia.

The Sumalbags.

Ed and Mia.

With Jojie and Suzette.

With my seven siblings.

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