Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A New Car

Well, almost a new car. My leased vehicle has been upgraded to the VX model of Toyota LandCruiser Prado. The old one has just reached 70,000km (42,000 miles). The lease contract stipulates that the vehicle should have less than 15,000 km (9,000 miles); that is the reason for the replacement. The replacement vehicle has just exceeded 3,000 miles. It has a DVD player with two small viewing screens for passengers in the back. A built-in GPS --a big plus since I have never bothered to purchase a UAE or Middle East SD card for my portable GPS purchased in Germany. Like the old one, the front middle console is equipped with a small refrigerated compartment --ideal to keep bottled water or other drinks cool.

My colleagues recommended that I should ask for a lighter color interior because it makes a big difference as far as reflecting rather than absorbing heat during the hot summer temperatures. The lighter color interior does seem to stay a bit cooler inside when the car has been outside in the sun for a prolonged period. My previous vehicle had a dark gray interior.

The car just seems too big for me. But it does help in the longer drives when visiting Dubai, Al Ain, or other parts of UAE. A lot of miles will surely be added as I explore UAE with this vehicle.

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