Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hog Heaven

I was finally able to make it to Spinney's this past Saturday after work. Spinney's is a grocery store chain and only one of a handful of grocery stores that sells pork meat in the UAE. I get my fill of pork at the base dining facility for breakfast (bacon and sausages) and lunch (every so often they will have pork chops). But I was looking for pork meat that I can cook and also cured pork like bacon, sausages, deli meats, etc. I purchased a cut of fresh pork meat for stir fry dishes, a cured pork belly bacon, Bavarian style sausages, smaller breakfast sausages, longaniza (Filipino-style sausage), and tocino (Filipino-style marinated pork).
The store has a good selection of sausages and deli meats from Germany and Italy. It is a bit spendy, but hey, this is only one of the few places you can get them from. You can not bring these items on your baggage or hand carry; mail order is also out of the question. The pictured items cost me roughly $32. By the way, the pork meat section is a special room within the store with a separate automatic opening/closing door. Spinney's is definitely a grocery store that I will go to regularly for the pork meat selection. So I am in hog heaven.


  1. Man uncle, thats alot of meat! haha How was the longaniza? My FAVORITE!

  2. jerome... I haven't gotten to the longaniza just yet. The cured pork belly was good. I used a small portion to use with stir fried veggies. Yum Yum... uncle elvin