Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jayan's Sour Face

On my visit to Seattle last month, some of the things that my oldest brother couldn't stop telling me about were the new things that Jayan, his grandson, does. He was so excited to tell me. This was before we could even say our greetings to each other. One of these things is Jayan's sour face. Apparently, when you say "sour face" to Jayan, he will make a face that looks like he has just bitten into the most sour fruit. That is, if he is in a good mood. If he is in a bad mood, you'll get this type of face:

Jayan, with the crybaby face, along with Grace and his paternal grampa.

Anyway, I got to see the sourface quite a bit during my visit. It was also captured on camera while Jayan was with me during Ed & Maria's wedding reception.

For similar pictures and additional details, see the following link:, blog site of Jayan's dad.

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