Friday, June 18, 2010

Camel Crossing

It really is too hot right now in the UAE to do anything outside during the daytime. Temperature in Abu Dhabi has been reaching 110+ degrees F regularly, with greater than 90% humidity. But it's my weekend and I don't like being cooped up in my apartment. So I ventured again to Al Ain, my second visit. Al Ain is more inland, about 140 km (75 miles) from Abu Dhabi. It gets hotter in Al Ain, but less humid. And yes, dry heat even at slightly higher temperature feels better than the lower temp and higher humidity of Abu Dhabi.

I took a more circuitous route this time. Instead of the freeway, I followed Truck Road - a two lane highway used mainly by commercial truckers. It is usually a busy road, but on Friday's it's fairly open. I made a few stops along the way to marvel at the desert scenery. The orange-tinted sand with its undulating and rippled lines provides a soothing vista of the desert landscape.

Here are a few pictures along the way:

To my surprise is this camel crossing road sign, no kidding:

Not too far away were camels being tended by a young boy.

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