Friday, August 20, 2010

Wafi City

Wafi City is a mixed use development located in Dubai. It includes a mall, souq, hotel, restaurants, residences, and a nightclub. The architecture style and theme is Ancient Egypt. This themed environment includes pyramids, images of pharaohs, and figures reminiscent of ancient Egyptian civilization.

Also, showcased throughout are vivid stained glass compositions. This being a Friday, hot, before noon, and during Ramadan, the complex was quite empty. It made for an excellent opportunity to wander the area and take a lot of photos.

Khan Murjan is an underground, two level souq adjacent to the mall. The souq was quite impressive. I will post pictures from this place at a later date.

Outside the Wafi City complex.

The pyramid shaped building is Raffles Hotel.

Inside the mall.

Stained glass displayed inside the mall.

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