Monday, August 16, 2010

Islamic Architecture and Geometric Patterns

Just in the course of a few hours inside Dubai's Ibn Battuta Mall, I saw remarkable examples of Islamic architecture and art. The symmetry and geometry shown in the manner that the inside of domes are adorned are some examples. The following two pictures were taken standing in the center underneath the dome and looking up directly into it.

The tile designs not only are vibrant, but follow the the symmetry and geometry that it is almost like looking through a kaleidoscope with the colors and patterns changing continually. Although intricate in design, the patterns display the importance of unity and order.

The arches and arch-shaped windows are other design elements that tend to stand out.

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  1. The snow-capped background is the answer to a trivia question that I am able to answer readily everytime it pops up in the Seattle Times daily crossword. My wish is to see Etna someday!