Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Siena and Jayan’s 1st Birthday Halloween Bash

Last Saturday, Jayan and Siena held a joint 1st birthday party at my house in Seattle. Siena is my great niece, and Jayan is my great nephew. Since it was held on 31 Oct, their birthday celebration was combined into a Halloween Bash. They turned my basement into a haunted house, and decorated the main floor nicely with Halloween theme. Looking at all the pictures and getting an update from my sister, the bash turned out successfully. I wish I could have been there to enjoy the celebration. Happy Birthday Siena and Jayan!!!

The following are a few pictures from the event. Pictures are obviously not mine, but uploaded from Alvie’s and Rena’s flickr pages.

The celebrants:

Little pink piglet Siena.

Little Monkey Jayan.

The decorations.

The party goers.

The farmers (Jay and Alvie) and their livestock (Jeremiah and Siena).

The baby monkey (Jayan) with his two bananas (Donna and Ron).

Mia with the birthday kids.

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  1. You would have been so proud to see your converted basement. =) We missed you at the party Uncle Alban! If you do head to Kuwait next- I would definitely love to visit. I still have friends there! We'll see you in a few weeks hopeuflly!!