Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day Trip to Luxembourg

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!

I will be visiting Luxembourg on Thanksgiving day. I am driving my car to visit Luxembourg City. It should be about a 2.5 hour drive. I have been thru Luxembourg before driving from Germany to Belgium. It is such a small country that it is hard to notice you are there unless you are headed to its main and capital city of Luxembourg City. I may have been in Luxembourg’s highways for about 20 minutes on a weekend drive earlier this year from Germany to Belgium.

A friend from work, who has traveled with me on a few trips in western Europe has this rule about visiting other countries: It does not count as a visited country unless you stay in that country overnight, or you take a “dump” in that country. He ruled out eating the local food and drinking alcohol because that can be accomplished at an airport during a flight layover or at a highway rest stop while on a road trip. I assume, in my friend’s way of thinking. that if you do the second item on that rule, you’ve done enough in that country to count as a country visited. I have to say that of all the countries I have visited, I have stayed overnight in most of them. The exceptions have been Monaco – the two times I had been there while visiting the French Riviera, the hotel was in Nice; San Marino, home base was in Bologna; and Sweden, when we visited Malmo across the bridge from Copenhagen, Denmark where we were staying.

My friend’s plan is to visit all of the European Union nations using his rule. Most of the countries in Europe are so close together that you can easily do a day trip to a town or a city in a neighboring country. Using my friend’s logic, these types of visits may not count as visiting a new country. I beg to differ. My visit to Luxembourg City is a day trip – I am not staying overnight. I am checking off this trip as another country visited. But so as to not have this new country visit seem “questionable”, at least in the eyes of my friend, I will try my darnest to use the facilities in Luxembourg City or at a highway rest area.

I will update with pictures on a future posting on this blog -- Luxembourg travel photos, I mean.

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  1. I want to see a photo of the 'dump'

    Happy Thanksgiving!