Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Greece is the Word

I am headed to Athens, Greece Wednesday morning with a friend from work. With the holiday on Wednesday, I decided to take Thursday and Friday off from work, and extend the vacation thru the weekend. I will be back to Wiesbaden late Sunday afternoon. Weather forecast for the next couple of days in Athens calls for some partly cloudy days and some sunny days, with temps in the low to mid 60's. This beats the weather we have been having in Wiesbaden -- cold and wet. Summer morphed into autumn this year fairly quickly. There was really no smooth transition or any type of Indian summer conditions. It started to get cold late September and it has continued with this type of weather consistently since then, with added drizzle of rain now and then. So warmer, and hopefully, dry weather will be a welcome relief.

I am looking forward to this five-day break, as well as the visit to the cradle of Western civilization and birthplace of democracy, as Athens is widely referred to. This will be my first time in Athens. We will spend most of the time in the city to visit the historical sites, but we have also planned day trip(s) outside the city.

Stay tuned for updates here, and photos thru my flickr account.

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