Monday, March 28, 2011

Slowly Getting Back into the Seattle Groove

It has been almost two and a half weeks since I moved back to Seattle.  I am slowly getting back into a normal routine -- living and working, again, in Seattle.  I have just completed two weeks at work.  My computer at work was installed late las week; it has just been a couple of days ago that I gained access to the system.  I am now in the midst of doing all the mandatory training via online.  Most of the training (computer security, prevention of sexual harassment, anti-discrimination, safety, etc.) are not related to the work I do, but required nonetheless.

There is plenty of work out of the construction office I am working at, the Northwest Area Office of the US Army Corps of Engineers' Seattle District, located in Federal Way, which is just south of Seattle.  The office has more than 20 people, including a full complement of support staff -- something that was usually lacking while working for the Corps overseas.

The drive to work is a straightforward 20 minute commute -- mainly on the interstate highway for 20 miles with very light traffic.  I will probably utilize the mass transit system once I get settlled in.  It would entail a short Seattle Metro bus ride to downtown Seattle from my house, and then transfer to a Sound Transit bus headed to the Federal Way Transit Center.  From the transit center, it is about a 3 minute walk to my workplace.  The total time for the trip, including waiting time, should be about 45 minutes.  It will save some wear and tear on my MiniCooper as well as save money on fuel.  The cost for utilizing mass transport system will be fully subsidized by my employer.

The weather in Seattle has been a steady cold, overcast with sporadic rain sprinkles since I arrived.  Sun sightings have been few and far between.  I am eagerly awaiting the warmer weather of spring.  It is still a bit cold and wet to explore the area.

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