Thursday, March 17, 2011

Side Trips Before My Return to Seattle

I left Abu Dhabi on Friday, 4 March, headed for Frankfurt, Germany.  Before continuing on to Seattle, I stuck around for 6 days to see places in France and Germany.  After my arrival in Frankfurt, I took the train to Wiesbaden to meet a friend who I used to work with at Europe District Corps of Engineers in Wiesbaden.  From Wiesbaden, via my friend's car, we proceeded towards Lyon, France with an overnight stay in Besancon, France along the way.  We stayed in Lyon, France for two days.  On the way back to Wiesbaden, we stopped in Metz, France for the afternoon and overnight stay.  I had a chance to stop by my former workplace to see a few of the people I used to work with in Wiesbaden.  I spent the last day prior to flight back to Seattle exploring Frankfurt.

Trip photos will soon be posted on my flickr account.  The following are a few pictures from this trip:

A misty morning in Besancon.

Not long after our arrival in Lyon, we were enjoying oysters, snails, and seafood soup for lunch and creme brulee for dessert.

At the Roman amphitheater in Lyon.

View of Lyon city center from Fourviere Basilica.

At plaza in front of Hotel de Ville (city hall), Lyon.

Along the riverwalk in Lyon.

St. Etienne Cathedral in Metz.

A few sights in Frankfurt.

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