Monday, May 24, 2010

My Seven Siblings

You've seen them in many of my photos in this blog and in my flickr account, but I don't think I have posted any with all eight of us - with my two sisters and five brothers, in one photo. I am the youngest one.

The photo was taken this past weekend at Ed & Maria's wedding reception. Edward is a nephew. I am the better looking one of the group (kidding - I am just trying to generate discussion among family). If that does not help, I am the one standing on the right side of the photo wearing white shirt with a black sweater vest.


  1. Our Beloved Inna must be smiling in her grave for this occassion of family togetherness!
    For the young ones in the family who squabble about who is older than who among the siblings
    this is a good time to identify and clarify who is the oldest. With the photo as guide here are the names and their order of birth ranked from oldest(1) to youngest(8). Standing from L to R: Joey(6), Edgie(5), Uncle Bong(2), Elvin(8). Sitting from L to R: Nemy(7), Evelyn(1), Eden(3), Edwin(4). Hope this will end all debates and no more talk about comparing age the next time the six brothers and two sisters are reunited!

  2. Elvin buddy - I'm heading back to Deutschland tomorrow AM. Hope to have the pizza oven stoked this weekend. Is your info on the global correct? I will email you the Oktoberfest plans. Counting on you to be there.

    Hope all is well with you.


  3. Tony - Your 6 months in Turkey is already up? I don't need to wish you luck in Germany -- great place to be in. I am already missing living and working over there. I plan on being there for Oktfest -- hopefullly for an extended visit, but otherwise, at least for a couple of days. Save two spots for me, if possible; I will ask my friend in Seattle if he wants to meet up over there.

    Global USACE e-mail address is still good, but not so easy to access. Yahoo e-mail is probably the most reliable -- eantonio82. What do you think of touring Egypt, and possibly Lebanon/Jordan during the fall (sometime in mid Oct thru mid Dec timeframe).