Monday, April 26, 2010

Wish I Were There

It happened this past weekend in Bainbridge Island, Washington. My sister’s home used to be where we held many family parties, as well as the place to be during strawberry and raspberry seasons to help out on the farm. My sister moved to my house in Seattle about 10 years ago to be closer to her kids and grandkids, and rented out her place. It is no longer being rented; also the place has recently been renovated. The past year, the place has started to be used again for family gatherings.

This past Saturday, they held a birthday party for Kyle, a great-nephew. On Sunday, it was the location for my nephew Edward and Maria’s wedding shower. I am sure I have missed out on some good ‘ol family fun. Most were there during the entire weekend.

I just received the following photos thru the family yahoo group. Both are pictures of all my nephews and nieces -- all 20 of them; sons and daughters of my seven older siblings; and my late Inna’s and Amma’s grandkids. Seven of them have a total of 16 kids of their own. So it makes for huge family gatherings once you start adding the husbands and wives. These events become even bigger as they usually include in-laws, cousins, and close family friends

So who is my favorite among the nieces and nephews? It's the one with the brightest smile in the first picture where they are lined up from youngest to oldest. You know who you are already, so there is no need to divulge. It will be our little secret.


  1. Wish most of you young ladies and gentlemen of the Antonio clan have experienced the thrills of picking strawberries with Inna and the loyal Nanaimo Indian pickers from Canada during the most exciting times of strawberry farming: harvest time, picking season and Cathy Dosono dreaming to become an accountant while strapped in waist with 2 tin cans... memorable summertimes long gone. And at the end of the day it would have been amusing to watch young Mek or younger CJ get rewarded to ride shotgun with uncle Joey in the beatup pickup truck(for some treats uptown)when the day's harvest are delivered to the cannery in the island.

  2. SMILEMETER by AGE (based off of the top picture)

    Ina - 10, relaxed, can't even tell she was the last one we rounded up

    Jessica - 8, relaxed but a little paused, which is safe when there are a dozen cameras

    Neil - 7, innocent & unsure, but a very bohemian smile

    Janice - 9, sexy and sophisticated, maybe more than uncle enemy would like

    Joyce - 7.5, the sunshine might've got in the way of a solid 9

    Aldrin - 8, smooth and confident but a little mild

    Mia - 6.5, just because it looks arbitrary with the sunglasses

    Michael - 6, maybe a 10 if he got full extension and followed thru

    James - 5, the forrest gump smile, might've just caught you at the tail end of a great smile

    CJ - 10, he's squinting because of the sunshine within

    Mek - 7, safe, like this was the seventeenth shot that we took

    Grace - 10, all natural no preservatives and the emotions come thru regardless of the sunglasses she has on

    Ed - 2 for the arm + 8 for the pose minus 2 for lack of edwardness and another 2 for the sunglasses which takes him to an even 6 overall.

    Ron - 10, very genuine as if he's ready to make some kapukan or something

    Sonya - 10, sincere, casual and unapologetic with the beer in hand

    Jay - 10, because he's smiling with the same passion and innocence of the 10 year old Jay

    Glen - The sunglasses actually give him a 5, but he looks like he doesn't know which camera to look at and it's distracting him from getting into the moment with everyone

    Leah - 10, because her eyes are smiling too

    Manong Jojie - 9, would've been a 10 if he wasn't standing next to Leah and Jay.

    Manong JunJun - 8, because you know he's happy, but he looks distracted and is unconsciously advertising his beer.

  3. Wow Ron, you're pretty harsh on Glen, James, Michael, and Mia - the bottom four feeders on your smile meter. At the same time, you were overly generous on your own rating. I would say that Mia deserves at least a 6.6.

    Uncle Elvin