Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Pix from my Visit to the Philippines

I have not found a web picture sharing site yet that I like as much as flickr. I am not able to access flickr in UAE, so I have not been able to update my photo collection. I will share a few more pictures from my visit to the Philippines last December.

On the flight to Manila, I had a stop-over at Tokyo's Narita Airport. Photos are at the airport while waiting for my connecting flight -- origami display and my bottled green tea drink.

My first pictures after my arrival in the Philippines were late in the afternoon, after an early morning flight arrival in Manila -- my sisters waiting for a doctor with me, and the police car that whisked us to a medical center in Tarlac. Nothing serious - neck discomfort, jet lag, and lack of rest.

Dinner hosted by a family friend in Cuyapo whom I hosted, along with my sisters, during their visit to Germany and visit around Western Europe.

Girls night out in Tagtagumbao.

Hard core Tagtagumbao citizens.

The front porch of my dad's house in Tagtagumbao.

Bananas, papayas, and kamias.

My cousin Lito proudly displaying harvested bananas from his yard..

Budding bunches of bananas.

Cuyapo Police Department's Christmas "white elephant" gift exchange. I had the pleasure of introducing this type of gift exchange to the group. They had a lot of fun. I had noticed that this was a great team and morale building exercise for them.

After dinner with a friend from yesteryear. Aida is standing third from the left. As a young boy, my mother would not let play at night with others kids without Aida watching me.

The sign at the entrance of a mall cineplex caught my eye. Apparently, they have had issues with movie patrons bringing in fried chicken & gravy; noodles, pasta, & soup; and rice meals. WTF!

San Miguel beer with ice -- it's always nice.

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  1. the hardcore sunog-baga boys of them is my father...i was shock!!!!!!thnx for this blog sir...more power