Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!

I arrived in Seattle Saturday, 12 Dec '09. I leave Seattle for Manila on Monday, 14 Dec. I come back to Seattle on 22 Dec. Then return to Germany on 1 Jan '10. For work, I will be in Aviano, Italy the second week of Jan; in Ankara, Turkey third week of Jan; and UK the second week of Feb. These work trips will be to perform school assessments.

I will probably be moving out of my apartment into a hotel by the end of January. My household goods and vehicle will probably be shipped before the end of January. My current employer will send me back to Seattle and my future employer will pick me up from Seattle. So I will probably be back in Seattle by late February for a couple of days. The new position is in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, rather than Kuwait. I will report to DC for my new job for orientation and paperwork for a few days. Then off to Abu Dhabi I go. As far as my new position, my end date in Europe has not been finalized, but it is looking like late Feb. So it will be a very busy next 10 weeks for me prior to my arrival in Abu Dhabi.

Happy holidays!!! I wish everyone a very happy New Year!!!


  1. Once agan I can't read the text underneath the blog name... now I do't need to read it, but new viewers may ... and I am just thinkig about others.

    Have a great Christmas and New Years. I will see you in Ankara in Jan, or Wiesbaden in Feb.

  2. Well done Elvin..Nicely made blog. Regards to the family..
    Joey Rabanal