Monday, February 9, 2009

Ugly Sweater Contest Co-Winner

I still have not fully recovered from being voted co-winner, along with Mia, of the ugly sweater contest this past Christmas. Most of the contestants prepared for this competition by going to their nearest thrift store. I, for one, only had to dig through my father’s closet. I thought I had one of own sweaters to enter, but alas, I got rid of a few things from my closet when I visited Seattle the past summer. As the competition drew near, I did not have any ugly sweater to enter the contest with until I thought of using one of my father’s sweaters. The sweater was not really ugly. The clincher was the accessories I used: a pair of vintage eyeglasses I used in the early 90’s and my fat tummy. My father is at least three sizes smaller than I am. Amma is going to kill me when he finds out that one of his favorite sweaters is now stretched out.

Anyway see the photos, courtesy of Michael and Jerome, and click on the title below to view video from Ron.

Ugly Sweater Contest - Christmas 2008

This past Christmas party was one of the better family Christmas parties, if not the best.
Due to Mia taking the lead in the planning efforts, the party was a success. The ugly sweater contest was just one of the events. There was also a gingerbread house building contest, nicely decorated stockings for each of the kids, different types of gift exchanges, and many others. My camera was busted during the holidays. I do not have any pictures from the Christmas party, or even the snow and ice that enveloped Seattle during the holiday season. I will rely on Ron’s video showing the fun that was had by all at the party. Click on the title below to see video.

2008 Christmas Party

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