Friday, February 13, 2009

Sicily, Italy

I visited Sigonella Naval Air Station last week for work. The installation is located in Sicily, Italy. I did not get a chance to see much of Sicily because we were only there for three days. The weather was favorable; on our last day, it was warmer and we had clear blue skies. We went out for dinner for the two nights we were there. We had great food each time – the pasta and fish dishes were impressive. Our last day, we woke up early to drive up to Mt. Etna as far as we can drive until it was time to go back to the airport to make our noon flight back to Germany. We stopped at a roadside sanctuary dedicated to Mary Immaculate. At the sanctuary were a shrine and a place to hold an outdoor mass. From this roadside stop, there was a scenic view of Mt. Etna. I picked up a couple of small lava rocks for souvenir.

The following are photos of Mt. Etna and the sanctuary.

With Mt. Etna in the background:

In Sicily w/ Mt. Etna in the Background

Roadside sanctuary on the way to Mt. Etna:

Mt. Etna

Roadside Stop on the Way to Mt. Etna

A view of Mt. Etna from Sigonella:

Mt. Etna from Sigonella

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