Friday, February 13, 2009

See More of Italy

I will be seeing more of Italy during the President’s Day holiday weekend. I am headed tomorrow, Saturday, to Bologna for a visit and will be there until Tuesday. Bologna is located in the north-central of the country. Why Bologna? I have never been there, RyanAir (the low fare airline) flies there, and the weather is bound to be warmer that Wiesbaden. Weather in Wiesbaden continues to be cold. This past week, we had a few days of snow and blustery winds.

The airfare was only 40 euros and a cheap hotel near the city center was booked for 80 euros total for three nights. You can’t beat that for an extended weekend getaway. Bologna is a university town renowned for its gastronomy, and a bastion of socialism and communism, perhaps like Berkeley with a culinary tradition. If possible, we will try to venture out and take a day trip to a nearby town. I will fill you in with details after I get back.

To get back to the original premise of this blog to share pictures of family and past travels, I provide the following:

With Grace, Mia, Janice, Joyce, and Jason taken early January 2009 at the home of Grace & Jason. Joyce wins the smiling contest. (Click on photo to get entire picture.)

At Grace & Jason's Home

I would guess that the next picture was taken between 1985 -1986. Note the stylish hair styles of Leah and Glen; and the missing upper front teeth of Ed.

For fair play, I offer a late 70’s/early 80’s hairstyle of my own – the frizzy perm. Yes, that is me with the white sweater ready to join a hard rock or a metal band.

I know everyone already knows the negative effects of drinking, but the two following photos should make it outright clear to stay away from alcohol.

But seriously, this coming 16 February would have been Inna’s 87th b-day. I refer you to my post of last year:

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  1. YAY! i win the smiling contest! i'm not sure what qualifies me for winning the smiling contest...BUT i know i was definitely happy to be with you guys! that's probably why there's such a big grin on my face! :)