Thursday, June 23, 2011

Qwest Field, now called CenturyLink Field

This was bound to happen.  Qwest holds corporate naming rights to the home of the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders, Qwest Field.  After CenturyLink purchased Qwest this past April, the name change for the Seattle sports facility was expected.  It was announced this past Monday.  The name change became official today, Thursday, 23 June.  It is now called CenturyLink Field.

"Qwest" was such a great name because it was easy to say.  "CenturyLink" is polysyllabic, while the monosyllabic "Qwest" rolled off your tongue with ease.  The name change may be official, but people will find it hard to give up the old name.  People may still end up calling it Qwest Field.

On my way home from work this past Tuesday, I was waiting for the bus near the Qwest Field.  Since I was in the area and knowing that the stadium signs were going to be taken down and replaced soon, I took a few pictures of Qwest Field.

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