Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas 2010 Decor

Outdoor Christmas lights were installed on the front side of the house after the first week of December.  It is fairly basic and similar to what I do every year -- along the railing top of the front deck and smaller deck on the top level; the extra lights were placed on the hedge plants in front of the deck.  The Christmas tree was put up a week later.  I had planned to put a plastic tree.  But some of the branch connections on the plastic tree my brother had given to me were chipped off.  Real trees are getting expensive and cumbersome (cleaning daily all the needles that are shed and cutting it to mulchable sizes after taking it down).  I may look for plastic trees on sale after Christmas to put up for future holiday seasons.

Anyway, the outdoor lights, the tree, and other Christmas decors are shown below:


  1. Where's the Latte Machiatto ornament?

    Merry Christmas, you big poof! How's the back?

  2. The latte machiatto ornament is tucked away in a safe place. Actually, it's probably still in one of the unopened boxes from Wiesbaden.

    Merry Christmas also. I hope the snow weather there lets up a bit.

    Back, for the most part, has been ok. I had a terrible bout this past Sunday after a party at my place the day before. I am now more convinced that it is more of an anxiety attack brought on by the onset of back pain.