Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Place to Beer...

The place to beer...

The place to beer? There is no doubt about it --- it’s definitely at Munich's Oktoberfest. This is the third year in a row that I have attended Oktoberfest with friends from work. We were there on 1 Oct 2009 to once again renew our acquaintance with the much beloved Bavarian festival, enjoy its festivities, and above all, have a rockin’ good time.

The festival is always full of people at all hours. It offers all types of carnival rides. You can sample an assortment of food and goodies.

Oktfest '09 during the day

Oktfest at night

Carnival rides

Carnival rides at night

But the attraction for most is the beer and the merriment that accompanies the beer drinking.
This event should be renamed “Oktobeerfest”, the most famous beer party in the world.

We had reservations at two different fest tents: At the Hippodrom from 1200 to 1500, and at the Hofbrau from 1600 – 2230.

Hippodrom facade

Hofbrau fest tent

reservation wristbands

We drank beer, we ate, we drank beer, we sang, we drank beer, we screamed and yelled, we drank beer, we danced, and we drank some more beer. We all had a great time.

It started at the Hippodrom. We had reservations at this place two years ago. This place is a little more laid back than the other fest tents -- the crowd is a bit older and more restrained. The tables had covers, they had special edition beer mugs, and the entire place was nicely decorated. I got there 30 minutes later than the rest of the group. Our reservation placard has already been soiled with chicken and roast pork grease, and drenched with beer suds.

Hippodrom Reserved Table

Hippodrom at night

Hippodrom Table

Hippodrom Beer

Hippodrom Menu

Inside the Hippodrom

Our group inside the Hippodrom.

Our Oktfest group inside the Hippodrom

Our Oktfest group inside the Hippodrom

Yes, we were all happy inside the Hippodrom.

Happy in the Hippodrom

After about an hour break, we proceeded to the Hofbrau fest tent at 1600. This place has a totally different feel than the Hippodrom --- a bit younger crowd, and wilder and more boisterous.

Hofbrau reserved table

Hofbrau Beer Angel

Our Oktfest group in the Hofbrau Fest Tent

And lastly, the festival is always full of Bavarian Beauties:

I will post more pictures on my flickr account. I have a few good videos, but I am having problems loading video on this blog and flickr.

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