Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am headed to Florence (Firenze) this weekend, with a friend from work, for a 4-day vacation to check out the sites of the city and neighboring towns in Tuscany region. We are flying into Pisa, but we will be making our home base in Florence. The last time I was in Pisa and Florence was in July 2004 with my nephews James and Michael. Pisa and Florence were some of the stops we made on that three week Western Europe backpacking trip.

We’ll probably stop by Pisa to see the Leaning Tower one morning, then continue to a more interesting Tuscan location. Florence will be a good base, since there is so much to see in this “cradle of Renaissance” city. I was also in Florence in Sep 1998 with my nephew Ron, on a guided group tour of Western Europe. I am not sure where I have stored the digital photos of the 2004 trip; I hope they are stored away safely in Seattle. The following is a scanned photo with Ron, during the 1998 trip, with Florence’s Duomo in the background:

Stay tuned for travel tidbits and pics.

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