Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mek Mek

I have a nephew named Marcus. He goes by the name Mek Mek. The origin of this nickname is from his older brother who could not say his name correctly as a kid. He would try to say “Marcus” but it would come out as “Mak ko.” The name transmutated to Mek Mek. This is probably because of the practice of repeating syllables in the Filipino language, especially in young kid’s names. Mek Mek became his common name. Everyone called him by this name. As he grew older, his name was shortened to Mek. And how did I come to this subject?

I was in Seattle earlier this summer. I was checking out Nordstrom’s half-yearly sale, and I came upon this:

Just so I don’t get Mia, Mek’s younger sister, jealous.
I also have a picture for her taken earlier this summer in Salzburg, Austria.

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