Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fashionably Dressed

I stopped in Seattle for just over four days during the first week of May, after a one week work related training in DC. I was able to attend a special 18th birthday of a cousin’s daughter during my visit. It was a semi-formal party and wouldn’t you know it, I attended wearing shorts with a t-shirt under a short sleeve shirt. Needless to say, I was dressed too casually and felt out of place. After a week training in DC, the only clean clothes I brought with me to Seattle were shorts and t-shirts, my typical weekend wear.

These were some of the people that were dressed properly for that party:

My great-niece Cameron and niece Ina.

Cameron and Ina

With Ina.

With Ina

My great-niece Jen.


My nephew Jojie, sister Evelyn, and great-nephew Nathan.

Jojie, Mng. Evelyn, and Nathan

With Nathan, who is now taller than I am.

With Nathan

But the most stylishly dressed person in the party: My great-nephew Jayan.

With Jayan

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