Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bozo The Clown

While surfing the ‘net today I noticed a news story about Alan Livingston, the creator of Bozo the Clown, passing away. He was 91 years old. Bozo the Clown is world famous. Even in Germany, someone from work was able to find a blow-up Bozo the Clown figure. Our branch chief gave Bozo the Clown to a fellow project manager as a gift for him to beat up on instead of banging the wall or knocking things that are attached to the wall. Our office gets fairly hectic and stressful during the last three months of the fiscal year – July, August, and September. The sources and causes of our anger are usually our customers (not being able to make up their mind), the contracting office (insisting on every little technical detail to award a project), and the office of counsel (nitpicking on many of our contract actions); but we can’t really do anything but keep the wrath to ourselves. It is not uncommon to hear ranting and cursing, or banging noises in the 5th floor wing of our office building during these times. The fellow project manager gladly shared the punching bag with the rest of the group. Bozo the Clown became the designated recipient of our abuse. He would get punched, kicked, pummeled, and knocked around. Bozo would always come back up with a smile. Even when a small air leak developed, we were able to patch him back up and he was good as new, ready to take the same pounding from all of us.

So, I would like to thank Mr. Livingston for his creation. Bozo the Clown became our outlet for moderating our agitation and stress. In some small way, Bozo helped us out during our fiscal year end frenzy.

The following picture is of me and Bozo after I had rescued him from a thrashing by a co-worker:

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