Sunday, January 11, 2009

While Away the Hours...

It’s too damn cold outside, so I am stuck inside to while away the hours. I ran across a few pictures in my computer that I would like to share. Ron and Grace are good about digitizing old family pictures. Here are a few I got from Ron a couple of years ago.

Inna with CJ, James, and Michael. CJ seems content with his corn on the cob, while James and Michael enviously eye the corn.

Inna with Mia. Mia’s Christmas wish for that year was her two front teeth.

Here are a few pictures at the bubble tea place from my visit last summer in Seattle.

One of the reasons James visited Kenya is to fix get his habit of “voodoo” staring fixed by a local shaman. Those are some serious evil eyes.

Maybe James can also have the problems fixed for Mia, Janice, and Joseph.

Just kidding James – I hope you’re having a good time. Let us know how your trip went.

I was never a pet person. I don’t think I will ever be because I would hate cleaning after them and I could never be as mobile with one. Anyway, after I moved overseas, quite a few family members acquired pet dogs. I enjoy playing with the dogs when I am there. Diego still remembers me from the time we played chase around their house in Gulfport. Mya has my sympathy always because of her amputated leg. Pugly shows me who is the boss every time I visit their house. Riley always seems to want to get my face sloppily wet. Here are a few pictures of some of these dogs sent to me via e-mail from their owners.

Pugly shows his mean face, but he is really a sweetheart.

Coco when she was small and cute. Now this dog is a ferocious giant.

Looks like a downer day for Riley.

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  1. I think I got that evil eye fixed in Africa finally.