Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boarding a Ferry Boat from Germany to Denmark with an ICE Train

One of the surprises of my recent two-week trip to Germany (Munich and Frankfurt), Denmark (Copenhagen), and Sweden (Gothenburg and Stockholm) was my train ride originating in Hamburg and headed to Copenhagen.  Denmark is connected by land to Germany at the very northern part of Germany.  I expected the train would go through the land route, and I assumed that this was the only option.  This was not the case.  There is a special ferry boat departing from Puttgarden, Germany to Rodbyhavn, Denmark that a train (two wagons in length) may board.  The ferry boat is equipped with built in rails that the train slips into.

It was a nice surprise since I did not expect to board a boat, and travel thru the Baltic Sea on this trip.  The trip takes about 45 minutes.  You can leave the train compartment and go to the upper deck levels of the boat, including the outside viewing areas.  The boat has a full service restaurant, coffee/snack shop, a currency exchange center and duty-free shopping area.

Our train about to enter the ferry boat in Puttgarden, Germany.

The boat leaving Puttgarden.

The train inside the ferry boat.

At the viewing deck of the ferry boat.

Inside the boat.

Approach to Rodbyhavn, Denmark.


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