Friday, September 30, 2011

Dateline: Northern Europe

I am still meandering towards Stockholm.  I started in Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest with friends.  I headed north towards Hamburg two days later for a two day visit; then to Copenhagen for another two day visit; and then to Gothenburg, Sweden for two days.  I am now on a train headed to Stockholm to spend my last four days there before I head back to the States.

The weather has been great through out.  It has been sunny and warm.  Gothenburg was a bit gray on my second day, but the sun managed to come out early in the afternoon before the fog swept in the early evening.  I am crossing my fingers for continuation of nice autumn weather in Stockholm.

Trip is going well.  I've not been to Hamburg, Gothenburg, and Stockholm before.  It was nice to see Munich and Copenhagen again.  More blogposts on this site and pictures on my flickr account, to come.  Having an iPhone, both via wi-fi and occasional roaming, has been a blessing for its mapping, surfing, and music capabilities.  I have been able to share a few pictures with instagram friends and post the same photos on my flickr page.

Anyway, just a few photos on this trip so far:

The first two pictures are with the group I was with at Oktoberfest - at the Hippodrom fest tent and at Hofbraeuhaus.  The third picture is Hippodrom from the outside.

Pictures of the Rathaus (City Hall) and Reeperbahn's Beatlesplatz from Hamburg:

Copenhagen's Radhus (City Hall), Nyhavn district, and the Royal Botanical Garden:

Gothenburg's Big Wheel, Radhus (City Hall), and Art Museum

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  1. looks like the second picture is from the Hofbrauhaus the night before.