Monday, August 22, 2011

My New Favorite City

I spent four solid days in New York City, 12-15 August, for my birthday.  Aside from the couple of hours of night driving around Manhattan with three other fellow Nuclear Regulatory Commission interns on a detour on our way back to Washington, DC, in January 1985, I haven't been to New York City.  I had a great time on this visit.  The first two days of my visit was blessed with great weather; it rained the entire day on my third day there; and on my last day, it stayed fairly cloudy.  There were a lot of things to do and see. With its great transportation system, it was easy to get around.  It is also easy to walk around from place to place.

New York truly is the city that never sleeps.  Each of the three nights there, I was out until just past midnight.  On my way way, via subway and a bit of walking, there were still many people out and about.  The subway system is cheap, easy to use, fairly clean, and can get you to most of the places directly or with an extra little bit of walking.  This visit was mainly confined to Manhattan.  I would like to explore further out to the other boroughs on my next visit.  I would definitely plan for a next visit within the next year.  New York City is my new favorite city.

More blog posts and more photos on my flickr account to come from this visit. 

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