Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cherry Blossoms at the UW Campus

Last week the Yoshino cherry trees at the UW campus were in full burst bloom.  As sure as tomorrow will come, the cherry trees will blossom spectacularly every spring.  For no more than two weeks, the cherry trees showcase their beauty.  I stopped by last Sunday afternoon to catch a glimpse of the blossoms located in the Quad area of the University of Washington campus.  It is always a sight to behold.  It brings back memories of springtime walks across campus as a UW student years ago.  Although the weather was gray, cold, and a bit blustery, the pinkish white blossoms provide a good backdrop to the Gothic-style buildings surrounding the Quad.  Soon, fallen petals from the trees will gently cover the nearby lawns and brick walkways as the seasonal bloom ends.


  1. I was in Washington, D.C. last year for the BEST blooming day of the the cherry blossoms.

    The Park Service posts a "countdown/percentage of blooms" chart and I timed my arrival with the peak.

    I assume BOTH beautiful Washingtons got their original trees from Japan?

  2. I was in DC in April 2006 and caught the tail end of the cherry blossom display. Yes, the trees at the University of Washington campus are from Japan.