Thursday, March 18, 2010

Abu Dhabi Doo

I made it to Abu Dhabi. I left Winchester on Wednesday afternoon. My flight landed in Abu Dhabi on Thursday, 9PM local time. I made it to my residence at 10:30PM. It was 85 degrees F when I walked outside of the airport, but it was comfortable. The place I am staying is a long term hotel/apartment complex that just opened less than 3 months ago. It is called Park Arjaan by Rotana - see the following website: It's about 20 minutes from city center, but by not living in the city center I will save each way over 30 minutes of drive to work by avoiding downtown traffic on the way to work and on the way home from work.

My apartment is amazing. I am the first one to move in on this unit. So everything is fresh and new, including the furniture and appliances. It's a 3 bedroom fully furnished suite with air conditioning on the 7th floor (American 8th floor). The master bedroom and one guest room each have king sized beds; the third bedroom has two full size beds. The bedrooms each have a dresser drawer as well have built-in closet and cabinetry for clothes storage. Each bedroom has its own full bath plus an additional half bath in the hallway. The bedrooms each have a Sony flat screen tv.

The living room is a nicely furnished modern style with a comfortable sofa, a love seat and matching chairs. It has a bigger flat screen TV. The adjoining dining room has an eight-person dining table. Both the living room and dining room open up to a good-sized balcony. The kitchen is complete with stainless steel set of refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher, microwave oven, washer/dryer, toaster, coffee maker, and nice kitchen cabinetry for storage. The kitchen comes with a complete set of dinner ware, silverware, glassware, and miscellaneous kitchen utensils. An office area with a desk gives me ample room for my computer.

Internet service is provided free with my lease. Three times a week, my apartment will be cleaned, including linen change. Towels will be changed and garbage will be collected daily. Tea, coffee, and water supplies are replenished three times a week. Toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion will also be replenished three times a week. A lot of the items I shipped to Abu Dhabi from Germany, I will not need here such as towels, linens, and kitchen ware.

The hotel/apartment complex has two nice upscale restaurants (one serving Pan Asian and the other international cuisine), a coffee shop, and a bar. It has an outdoor swimming pool, a gym, and a wellness center. It has a dry cleaner, barbershop, and a salon. A park with a walking trail is right behind the complex.

I haven't seen my vehicle yet, but a colleague who picked me up at the airport drives a new Toyota Highlander. Tell you what, I think I going to like it here. Come over for a visit. I have more than plenty of room for visitors.

One of the downside of living here, a lot of websites are blocked. I am not able to access flickr. So I will have to find another photo web sharing site. So I will have to make my blog photo heavy for now.

Hallway leading to my apartment:

The living room:

The master bedroom:

The master bathroom:

The view of the pool from my balcony:

I will probably check out the downtown area tomorrow. I will post more photos when I get a chance.


  1. Last I heard, there are gazzillions of pretty Filipina OFWs in UAE. Maybe your destiny to get hitched with finally, during your tour of Abu Dhabi. Forget about George Moore, you'll never find your ideal mate when you return home!

  2. shit uncle alban... based off of the picture with your reflection in it, it looks like your butthole is going to be squeaky clean throughout your stay there. =)

  3. nice digs, Uncle Elvin!

  4. Jay & Alvie, Yes, very nice digs. Very posh hotel/apartment complex.

    Ron, The bidet probably will not be used at all by me. Although it is probably a refreshing feeling to get a burst of cold water on that area, I wouldn't want to deal with the mess.

    Anonymous, The place I am staying at has a host of pretty Filipinas. For now, I am not looking to get hitched.

  5. Hey Elvin, Don't knock the bidet until you try it! It is very refreshing, and you can probably adjust the temperature. I've got these little squirters in the back of my toilet here in Turkey and it cuts my TP usage in half! A mini shower for you bung-hole can be a very pleasant thing indeed! -TK

  6. Damn Uncle E-Bomb! Your new apartment is PLUSH! I'll start saving my money now so I can try and make a visit. I hope you stay there longer than a year so I have more than enough money for the vacay.

  7. Mek, There are 2 bedrooms available for visitors, each with its own flat screen tv and bathroom. You guys are welcome anytime.